The Equal Access Program funds interpreters for secondary education.

Relatively few deaf youth outside of the capital, Managua, have had the opportunity to attend a primary school taught in Nicaraguan Sign Language. We want to support their education even further by providing three sign language interpreters at the middle and high school level. Now Ciudad Darío, about two hours north of Managua, has one of the few secondary schools in the entire country that offers sign language interpreters in four grade levels.

Manos Unidas is improving equal access to education for deaf children beyond a sixth-grade level in the city of Darío by supporting interpreter training and assisting in the provision of interpreters in post-elementary classrooms. The secondary institute in Darío now assists students from Sébaco, Estelí, San Isidro, Matagalpa, Maunica, Somoto, and Waslala.