Our Philosophy


The Mission of MU is to ensure equal access to educational and vocational opportunities for deaf children and young deaf adults by providing access to sign language, Spanish literacy, numeracy, and real-life job skills so they can become contributing members of society and the Deaf community.


MU will develop community-based deaf education programs in rural areas of Nicaragua and create accredited post-elementary, post-high school, university level deaf education programs for educators, and vocational opportunities for deaf children and young, deaf adults.

Why Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western hemisphere. Its unstable political and economic history has led to a high unemployment rate and poor quality public education.

For deaf people, these limitations are even more trying; adequate job training and special education are extremely inaccessible, especially for rural families. A typical agricultural worker in Nicaragua earns $2 a day.

An average primary school teacher earns $186 a month. An average secondary school teacher earns $204 a month.