Busted: Myths About Deafness

We’re here to bust the top 5 myths that people believe about deafness and Deaf people. Read on! 1. “All Deaf people can read lips, and as long as I speak distinctly and look at them, they will always understand every word I have to say.” It’s estimated that speechreading Read more…

The logo of the Americans with Disabilities Act 25th anniversary celebration (1990-2015)

What if the ADA Were Passed in Nicaragua?

2015 marks the 25th anniversary of the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a law that prohibits the discrimination of people with different physical and mental abilities. For Deaf individuals, the ADA has improved access to employment, made closed captioning more prevalent, and helped Deaf children in public schools Read more…

Eight adults and two children lay on a large blue and white striped hammock.

Research Update – Fall 2015

Earlier this year, our executive director, Dr. Marie Coppola, made her annual trip to Nicaragua to continue her research of the linguistics and development of Deaf Nicaraguan children. This time the goal was to help launch the research study of her student, Deanna Gagne. Deanna, along with her research assistant Read more…